Monday, March 14, 2022

NJS4E's Interview with Danny Wood

Jarrell Mason of WUAG-FM / The Time Machine / NJS4E interviewed New Kid on The Block Danny Wood in summer 2007. This interview was done just months before NKOTB got back together. He talks about previous attempts to get the group back together and what did Danny think about them getting back together at that time and more! 

Thursday, February 10, 2022

Watch New Kids on the Block on Bands Reunited

Did you know that VH1 tried to get the New Kids on the Block back together back in 2004? They had a show called "Bands Reunited" and here's what happened when they tried to get all the members of NKOTB back together for one night only 4 years before they actually reunited.

Video courtesy of Kellysclassics

Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Jordan Knight answers fan questions, Part 2

Here are some more videos of Jordan Knight answering fan questions that were sent to him on his old website ( I would guess these were taped around 2002. 

Monday, February 7, 2022

Jordan Knight answers fan questions

The Boston City Council declared February 7, 2015 "Jordan Knight Day". In honor of that anniversary, here's some old question and answer videos Jordan did for his old website (

Monday, January 24, 2022

NKOTB on Chum FM in 2008

The New Kids on the Block were on radio station "Chum FM" in Toronto the day after appearing on the Much Music Awards. They share how the NKOTB reunion came to be, Jordan and Jon's former babysitter calls in, they answer some random questions and more.

Saturday, January 15, 2022

Old Blogs from Joey McIntyre

Before the days of social media, Joey used to write blogs on his website  Here's a sampling of his old posts circa 2009-2012.

12/24/2009 - Mac Pac 3000 Update

To all of my peeps who purchased a Mac Pac, I, once again, give you my word that your transactions are safe. And just when they were ready to go out- PayPal shipping site crashed (and this was after some really annoying issues on the PayPal side). My patience is wearing thin and I'm sure yours is as well. Regardless of our hiccups, you will have your Mac Pacs with-in the next week or so if you are in the USA. In fact about 100 went out already.

Thank you for your overwhelming response to the Mac Pac 3000.

If you remember, the link went up too soon and so there was some confusion about "outside of US" orders. We have recently sent e-mails from giving you options to either call in your order and/or resolve shipping to your country. Anette and Brittany and everyone at Meyer and Son are good people and care very much about you guys getting your Mac Pac.

After all is said and done, the buck stops here, so I apologize for any and all confusion. This was not a seamless operation. It was a special project for me and maybe I was a little too hands on. I should stick to singing and dancing. HOWEVER, it will all be worth it when I give you that first Mac Pac 3000 hug!!! oxoxo -jm

12/24/2009 - Christmas Blog

Merry merry y'all... I just made little Griffin my special annual Christmas eve grilled ham and cheese on challah bread :)!!! His first- and he loved it. I served it rustic style on a cutting board. He didn't want me to cut it in half, which I thought was pretty macho of him. FYI- challah bread is that Jewish braided bread so the edges are all rounded with little humps so the slice of bread looks like a big cloud. Grilled to perfection- read slightly burnt (you gotta watch the flame!) The tradition started years ago at my old house at Old Green Hill just outside of Boston. I'd light a big fire and hear it crackling from the kitchen as I was worked the grill. A good bottle of red wine is key, but not entirely necessary. I've always loved grilled cheese- who doesn't- but the Christmas eve tradition started about 6 years ago with me and my mother-in-law Nancy. I hooked up some memorable sandies that night and we've done it every year since. Griff got his early tonight for his dinner. The grown-ups will have theirs later by the fire, when the kiddies are fast asleep. But I was proud to watch Griffin take that sandwich down as I held my other sound asleep son in my arms on Christmas eve, I am blessed- no secret there. This year I'll be cooking one for my brother-in-law William. He's a discerning lad, so the pressure is on. "Ya gotta watch the flame!!" I make Barrett a mini one- yeah I know- she's a waif, but I love her. Nothing better than enjoying the tastiest sandwich and taking a long winters nap.

Whatever traditions you celebrate at this special time- be they edible, or libationary, familial or spiritual (hopefully all of the above)- I wish you live them to the fullest. Regardless of our personal ups and downs and the world's turmoil, there is so much to be grateful for and to rejoice in. Let us rejoice. Merry Christmas, everyone!!! -jm

12/31/2009 - Happy Frickin' New Year!

Another year gone by, another yearn gone dry.

Change is always in the air, ya just have to catch

the wind and let it take you somewhere new.

I'm not the best at having my sails up and ready to go when the gail comes off the horizon,

but I'm hoisting them up as we speak.

I read recently in a Rilke poem "want the change".

It resonated with me and over the past few days

has been an energizing mantra. Who knows what and

where the change is, but it is freeing to think of your life

as fluid and willing to go with the flow. Of course there is that balance of "going for it" and "saying something" and sticking to your convictions, but I know I'm gonna do that. Its the other side of the scale that I look to add to.

I don't really visualize anything when I say "want the change".

I have lots of plans and exciting projects I want to do and of course a wonderful family, but its the way I live in those places and moments that I'd like to change. Not drastically...but maybe.

Once again, I feel at a beginning. Ready to learn, ready to feel and see what's next. For all my fits and starts, I must be doing something right if I am continually inspired to create.

I'm fairly certain I will have days in 2010 not as centered as I'd like, but right now, I "want the change".

I wish you a happy and a healthy and a changing New Year.



03/19/2010 - Oh Canada...How I love thee

Oh Canada, how I love thee... //

I was really grateful to be a part of Canadian Music Week last week.

I have belabored the point in the past, but I will say again, I think the New Kids were Canadian in our former lives.

The Knights are already Canadian so maybe we were rehearsing in the basement of their Toronto home a hundred years ago.

All the clich├ęs are true about Canadians- kind, straight forward, positive, caring, and content. They seem happy in their own skin and it feels good to be around that energy.

Sure there are a few jerks up there but I haven't really met them.

The music scene mirrors that positive vibe. Maybe it's because there's 35 million people that it feels like a real community, but that's a lot of folks too, so maybe it's just the openness to artistry. I'm sure everyone doesn't like everyone else's music up there but there is a comradery.

Maybe it's because I'm just a visitor and I'm seeing it through rose colored glasses. It's always fun to travel outside of your home- you feel the freedom to really be who you want to be. I get that vibe traveling thru the states too. When I'm in Canada you get the best of both worlds- not the US but very close :)

I spent 3 days in TDot and had a lovely time. Universal Canada had a show with their artists. Stereos and Down with Webster rocked it among others. Good times! I did a few songs to track and it felt good to be on stage as usual- even if I forgot the words :)

Second night was the CMW Awards for the industry and my good friend David Corey won programmer of the year at Chum FM- I was sitting right next to him so it must have been the luck of the Irish.

Friday was Fan Fest at the Masonic Temple- very cool place. Lotta great bands and I was honored to be asked to play. (I think Daughtry referred to me as Joey MacAttack and his drummer said Please Don't Go, Joe from behind his kit). My performance was again just me and my tracks but it felt real good to rock out. I was "on a mission." ///

Then we were off to Calgary. Wasn't there for very long but I was told time and time again Thank you for coming to see us so we didn't have to travel for once! :)

The sound system at the show was not good at all but I think we had a good time despite the technical difficulties.

I enjoyed meeting all of you who came out at such last minute notice! Energy FM really stepped up! ////

And then the next day we hopped over to Victoria- on a sea plane! Yowza- that was fun :) What a life over there on the island. I could get used to flying back and forth to Vancouver. Sooo beautiful. Stunning.

Johnnie and I got in early to Victoria so we hit Darcy's and had a couple of the best burgers I've had in a while. The Caesars were fantastic (and I ain't talking about a salad). /

We jumped over to the Kool FM station and had a great crowd waiting for us. Again this was all last minute so I thank everyone for coming down.

We signed some CD's and took some pix.

And we had the cutest baby interrupting our interview- no way I can ignore a baby crying ;) ///

And then that night I was back home to my babies who I missed desperately. Skype is ok, but nothing beats the real thing. I honestly have a hard time thinking of being away from the fam.

I'm glad we have days off in between this upcoming tour. I'll have the best of both worlds- Rock star/Dad! :) ///

We are starting to put together this upcoming show! Gonna be special. It's got to be!

See ya out there.


03/30/2010 - Rhys et al... Thank you.

First, let me say how overwhelmed we are by the tons of well wishes we got from so many people. Every message went directly to our hearts. We thank you so much for your love and support.

A lot of the feedback from the People magazine piece was just simple good wishes, but there was a lot of fascinating, heart-felt, informed discussion about the different paths for deaf and hard of hearing people. As you can imagine (although maybe not until you are touched by something like this) the views are many and varied.

We heard from people who have loved ones, children, siblings, fathers, mothers, with hearing loss and heard their stories. Every story is enlightening and again we are so grateful to those who have shared.

As the spectrum of hearing loss is great, so too are the points of view on how to treat it. There are some who say that we should do nothing as far as hearing aids or implants with Rhys. The theory being he is perfect the way he is, God meant him to be that way and he is blessed to be that way. I can totally appreciate that choice. I believe that this is a gift. That his hearing loss will lead him down a path of great things. He will have a special perspective in life that he would never have if he was a fully hearing person. I can not wait to watch that perspective grow and learn from his life.

Some have said that we should wait until Rhys is old enough to chose for himself, whether or not he wants the cochlear implant. That operation is irreversible, so I can appreciate that argument as well.

We do not know where he stands as far as being a candidate for cochlear implants. It will take sometime. He is not deaf. He has a lot of usable hearing and so he could be able to hear enough with "regular" hearing aids. I do know that all the people and families we have talked to have raved about the cochlear implants and consider them a miracle. But like I said there are so many different paths and every person with hearing loss is different. One thing is for certain, the more information the better. My wife and I were pouring over the responses to the article on and your feedback will serve us well. We do not know what our decision will be right now. We are learning more everyday. We are strong and we are blessed and everyday is a gift, but there are some tough, frustrating moments. We will forever consider your feedback as a treasure trove to open whenever we need a little lift. I cant wait for when People Magazine does a 10 year check-in with Rhys and he and Griffin can pick their own outfits! What will they wear??

All our love,

The McIntyres

04/06/2010 - The Great One

We have just announced that we are playing the Fillmore in Miami on the Thursday before the cruise. First of all we haven't played Miami in a long long time- yes the Miami area-ish, but not Miami. So that is special. Second, The Fillmore is in South Beach... ah, my youth on South Beach- good times...nice to relive it in a safe way :) Third, The Fillmore is a very cool brand (as they say in the industry) so you know the vibe is gonna be right. Fourth, the Fillmore used to be called the Jackie Gleason Theatre. You know what they used to call him? "The Great One". I spent a lot of time in Miami when I would go down with my dad to business conventions and then it was the natch spot to get away from the Boston winters. As a young man, I pulled a few "almost" all-nighters down there. And during the day, I would often pass the Jackie Gleason Theatre and think, "Some day." I mean he was/is the Great One and I just always loved the locale of that theatre, so once again the New Kids check another one off the list of Joey McIntyre's Show Biz Wish List. Thanks, guys... 5 brothers and a million sisters- it gets you in.

09/20/2010 - Joe Mac and Eman: The Return of the Balls

Hello. Its been way too long since my last blog. I guess it takes the return of one of the greatest road shows of all time to get me back on the blogisphere. That's right. The balls are back. Don't go there? Really? I mean...really?? You can't "go there" if you are already there. It's done "and there's nothing we could do". Are you following me? Well, I may be sounding a bit too grandiose, but that is the legacy of "One Too Many." All those dusty fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants road warrior, living the dream movies...We did that- what feels like a life time ago, but suddenly seems like yesterday. If we were smart, we'd let it live on in infamy. Instead we endeavor to dig it up, towel it off and beat the shit out of it. Cuz what else is life for, but to blow it. None of this is possible without Bravehearts. They were arguably baptized in the waters at Joe's Pub. And so that is why we go back. There are signs that we might not blow it for it feels as this thing is coming together "on its own". Of course the will is there, Eman and I reminisce probably too often about those by-gone days. We wanted to go back to the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco, where that storied tour began with a shot of 151 proof that I can still feel. So we booked it. But we all know it started in NYC...don't we? At a place where only "serious artists" perform. Cred acts... What was Joey McIntyre doing at Joe's Pub? asked The Village Voice, "Spoken word?" For surely, he does not belong there. We have forgiven that writer. That writer can now purchase the cult Live CD by Joe Mac and Eman "One Too Many- LIVE from New York" for $50.00 on eBay, cuz ya can't get 'em anywhere else. Maybe he'll get it when he listens. (No I will not get down off this horse). But don't fret! I am not mad. What matters is that Joe's Pub invited us into their special space and we celebrated. They invited us back...and we broke their internet. That's not nice. The Bravehearts were gathered atop the hillside waiting for the on-sale...Joe's Pub got an On-slaught instead. Thankfully, they accommodated us graciously. We are a raucous bunch but we appreciate a roof over our heads and a good drink. (What?) He's lost his ever loving mind, you say. Only partly true, I protest, for it is not everyday you unearth a legend so great as you may risk the very fiber of your very soul. We will meet again on an autumn eve and see just how real that fabled tale is. Now, make ready your harvest. And God speed. GOD SPEED!!

10/01/2010 - San Fran and so long...

Now, this is not one of those false "farewell" tours. Eman and I will perform together again at some point in the next 20 years, I'm sure.

BUT the fact is that as much as we would like to do 25 cities and then some, our schedules (we are very busy, don't you know) will not allow any more shows for the foreseeable future. (Eman's really the busy one. I'm kind of bored). What I'm getting at is that the New York shows are sold out, but there are tickets still available for the San Fran show and then we done after that. SO come to The NorCal show!!! The down and dirty Cable Car show. The Martini Mojo Show. It will be a beautiful thing. Eman and I are psyched. so let's get this. I hope you can be a part of this enormously arduous 3 day coast to coast tour. If you have kids, get a sitter. If you don't have kids, you have no excuse. I genuinely can not wait- this is one of my favorite places to play. Be there. xoxo

11/07/2010 - Big Announcement :)

I have no idea watt about:) I owe you guys a blog! This is not that blog. Xoxoo blog soon! I heart nkotbsb

11/10/2010 - "I said what I said and now it's all this"- John Lennon

Interesting firestorm going on now in the "trending" world. But besides that little foot-note, we have embarked on a journey that we have not fully charted. This makes it all the more exciting. BUT FIRST- might I cut back to "Joe Mac Land" for a quick spell, because I want to say a few words about a few things that happened to me/us in October. Thy blessings continue to pour down upon thee with great fluidity. Since B and I told the world/anyone who was listening that our son was born with hearing loss, we have been called upon by more than a few really great organizations in the field of hearing loss and deaf community to come and share our story. We slowly figured out that October was "deaf and hearing loss awareness month" around the world. I was able to string together three events in about a week. I started in Kansas City at the IFSC- Investing in Family Support Conference . It was the first time I spoke at length about our experience. I didn't prepare- I had a felling that if I just spoke candidly that the conference would get the most out of me being there. The room was filled with so many good and caring people, who have traveled many different path on their journey with deafness and hearing loss. I told them there was so much for us to learn and I asked more questions than they asked me. It was enlightening to say the least. I look forward to staying in touch with IFSC. Then I was off to Boston for the fundraiser for the Mass. Eye and Ear Institute. The hospital has been around for over 200 years and pioneered so much good work in its field. But they have been getting a face lift lately with the help of their new chairman, Wyc Grousbeck, who happens to own the Boston Celtics. Wyc's son is blind, hence his passionate connection to finding a cure for blindness and deafness. The work being done by these gifted doctors is something to behold and we are so grateful to help out in any way. I was humble and honored by my friends Donnie, Danny, Jordan and Jon. They all stepped up big time by lending their time and talent to the cause. It was an amazing night on Weds., Oct. 13th. We were all touched in that room- by the stories of recovery, by the humor, by the passion and by the live auction that raised a lot of money! Namely, the 2 20 thousand dollar VIP packages to an upcoming New York NKOTB show. AT the time, I couldn't let the cat out of the bag about the Backstreet Boys touring with us, but now those two extremely generous groups will get to Boy Bands instead of just one. I guarantee them one of the best nights of their lives! That night in Boston with all my a lot of my family and the New Kids family will forever hold a special place in my heart. Thank you to everyone who was part of that night. I had to really focus thru singing Stay the Same, because when the emotions start rumbling and I open the flood gates I become a bumbling mush. I did hold it together somehow. And then the New Kids got up and had some fun. The Mass Eye and Ear raised over a MILLION DOLLARS! From there it was onto NYC, baby. A side bar story to all this is that my sons could see their cousins in Boston and spend more time in Dad's hometown and then we got 4 days in NYC to soak up together (P.S. the lines at the Empire State Building are long). We had so much fun. More memories for the photo books. I was asked to perform at the Gala for The Center for Hearing and Communication- another amazing institute that has done ground breaking research to restore hearing. It feels like the people in these fields are not doing jobs, but fulfilling a vocation. Again, I was honored to be a part of it in some small way. Plus, I got to perform :) And THEN - it was time for a little grown up fun. Eman and I performed for the first time together in 5 years at Joe's Pub. It does not feel like a stretch when I say it was epic. How else could you describe forgetting the words to the second song in the show- A JOURNEY SONG!!!- and still going on to having a blast. We scratched the Journey song for the second show and replaced it with Stay the Same- duh! The second show started at mid-night. Niiiiiice :) Its hard to explain, but luckily its all over YouTube so we can peak at it whenever we like. Performing at Joe's Pub in New York is sublime. Holy, even. The next day was a me day in NYC. I twitpic'd my walk to the Brooklyn Bridge. The city speaks to me. I feel it in my loins. Yes, my loins. I can only say that about NYC. I lived there for 10 years and its the greatest city in the world for a million different reasons. Then it was off to SAN FRAN- another city certainly in my top 5 cities. The air is intoxicating. And that's where Eman and I had our first road tour show back in the day. So it was nice to revisit the Music Hall again! We joked about doing an "arduous and grueling 3 day tour", but that's how we felt after San Fran. We were so pumped that we barely had any energy to get to the airport the next day. got our wheels spinning big time and we think there is some new and "other level" stuff on the horizon. In the meantime, I am really enjoying the NKOTBSB ride- however young it may be in its young life, I think we are having fun thus far and that is the key to it all working out. Both groups are blessed with amazing fans. There has been so much talk already- we have a lot to live up to already. But as always, we want to leave you even more entertained than you thought you would be. And for those who aren't die-hards to be thoroughly pleasantly happily surprised. Its gonna be a hell of night! oxox -jm

11/23/2010 - thankful for you

Here come the I guess I can't say "where has the time gone?", because it has been a full year. Many many things have happened along the way. I feel though that I have grown a lot since the beginning of the year. Take for instance the 6 dates I did in January. I look back and it that feels like '99, which is nice in a way because that means I must have felt young, with something to prove. That little mini tour was a lot- a lot of of fun, but a lot. I was fueled by my drive for independence after being with the "Kids" for the previous 2 years. I had something to say apart from what we were doing. I am thoroughly happy with what came out of that "drive". My CD Here We Go Again is something I love and love to catch up on from time to time. I hope you guys are still enjoying it. But after that independent streak ran its course, I was reinvigorated to get back with the guys and create another "moment". The cruise '10 and the CasiNO Tour are now part of New Kids lore. Another amazing chapter. Since then I have been working on a few things that I hope will see the light of day soon. I don't want to rush it though. Something I am working on- hurry and indecision. Staying centered and really listening to what works for me and what will bring me the most peace. Easier said than done, but "putting it out there."

Mixed in there is the pleasant surprise of me and Eman performing together again, which is a wild ride, but something we both take very seriously and of which we get so much. There is more to come from One Too Many for sure. Maybe sooner than we think.

And then we have the juggernaut that is NKOTBSB. Above all it is fun. I don't think any of us thought we, all 9 of us, would be enjoying it this much. But why shouldn't we. We are blessed. The AMA's were special. I felt very connected to you, our fans, in a way that felt different. As I mentioned in a tweet, its gotta feel good to see your boys and "Boys" up there after all these years of supporting us and have us received the way we were. The performance was fun. And objectively speaking, kind of spectacular- a sneak peak for sure. But now we have to top it. Now we have to back it up. I believe we will. We are just a bunch of guys singing songs and dancing, so I don't mean to sound more important than it is, but music, and art and dance and laughter are so very important in life and we are so very honored to play a role in that essential part of your life. This Thanksgiving I am once again thankful for you -jm

01/02/2011 - View in the Rear/Year in Review

I'm not gonna go thru the whole darn fabulous year- don't want to waste this year's energy on the last. But I will run off a few bullet points- The Joe Show Tour, DVD Release Screenings, Jimmy Fallon/Roots, the cruise, The epic CasiNO Tour, summer vacay on Cape Cod, dealing with down time :), what I affectionately call "The Hearing Loss Tour", back with Eman with One Too Many, NKOTBSB announce, AMA's, New Year's EVE in NYC. A family so precious and wonderful and challenging and fun and giving. All those things really over the top with fun and excitement. I look at it all and I think, no wonder I get a little depressed the day or two after these amazing touchstones come along. And man did we end it with a bang. Times Square on New Year's Eve is on almost everyone's bucket list and now I know why. But I got to say, to do it like we did it...yikes! Every time we walked into that coliseum of joy and adulation with all the lights and colors and music, it was like being introduced at the Super Bowl- and we kept having to go back to our trailer so we got to enter it a few times and it was just sick. Like a movie- a really amazing, almost unbelievable fantasy of a high octane action-packed blockbuster of a movie. Meanwhile the weekend in NYC would have been sublime before all the festivities- the walks in snowed-covered Central Park were worth the trip alone. Writing this helps me take it all in again, but give it away, because I cant hold onto it. I felt the pangs of depression- not clinical, but simply getting lower off a ridiculous high. And so I am shaking them off. Made all the more easy, when you see what's on deck for 2011. I have said it again and again, but I AM BLESSED!!! and you are too. We all have hardships, some much much greater to bare than others but we are all still blessed. And those blessing will continue to flow. I pray that I will be open and present and willing to take on those blessing head on. I pray that everything you want- really honestly want- comes your way in 2011. Be ready!!! Its gonna be CRAZY!!!! And so much fun!!! Happy New Year xoxoxoxox And thank you.

01/07/2011 - Vegas, Baby. Vegas.

This is not your father's Las Vegas. Hopefully,

It's your grandfather's Vegas, which was much cooler back then. But for a while now, Vegas is back. It lives up to all the hype. There's something for everyone- especially those who wanna start their night at midnight. And that's what we are gonna do in February at The Palms. Eman and I couldn't have dreamed it up any better. We have a lot of fun, but it means a lot to be playing in Vegas at such a special venue at legitimately the coolest and hottest hotel in LV. The Lounge is beautiful and a real throw back to the intimate rooms that all the legends would play. And they would play late (and early in the morning) at these places. Dean, Frank, Sammy- the audiences back then got to see these greats up close and personal. Now please... understand, I'm not thinking of us as legends and we are not trying to recreate something that will never be duplicated. But there is a spirit in this town, Las Vegas, that is tapped into every night. People feel it when it's authentic. It's that thing- that bang, that boom, that somethin' somethin'. I believe we are gonna feel that spirit and we won't let you leave The Palms until you feel it too. That feeling may be the one thing that happens in Vegas that doesn't stay in Vegas.

03/08/2011 - Viva Las Vegas Siempre!

Well, we got one more to go in Vegas. Another amazing chapter. A rollicking, fastidious adventure for the Creatures of the Nuance. Two things I have learned from this "residence": We still got it and Never again will I ever start a show at midnight! I wouldn't change a thing about the shows- that were magnificent... Once we got to them!! Oy! Waiting all day LITERALLY to rock out was a pain in my Irish arse. Other than that... man, have we had fun. So much fun!! Eman and I are so blessed to have all of you come (some from around the world) to see us. We love the room. It feels tailor made for what we do. Everyone at Palms have gone out of their way to make us feel at home. And we have made a bunch of new friends there for sure. We sincerely hope to be back in the fall for another stint. But we still got one more to go and it will for sure be packed with the knock out punch. Every show, Eman and I come off the stage howling with delight as if we had never done a show together before and like we almost got caught with our hands in the cookie jar but instead devoured all the cookies. By now, folks know that anything goes and we crave the unexpected- like Eman last week slamming his big Greek fist down on the pick up of his "crackling/feedbacking" guitar after the opening song- just stood there smacking the shit out of it. Talk about breaking the ice. JUST WHAT I NEEDED =) Seriously, I need to be shaken up so I can let loose. And that night, Eman slamming his fist thru his guitar after just one song really did the trick. There have been so many raucous moments- on top of tables, underneath tables, The Rose and all its vomit, Eman singing to the back curtain. But one of my more sublime favorite memories came last week when we were performing All the Way, the Frank Sinatra classic. I love singing that song, but I particularly love singing it while Eman plays it. He hits all my favorite notes and chords in his rendition. We kind of give and take with that one, moving off one another. Staccato yet very fluid, so there are moments and breaths that come to fruition at different moments naturally. During one of those "breaths", the room was quiet- a good indication that the audience is enjoying the song- and you could hear from the back bar the bartender suddenly, yet softly in the distance, shake a cocktail-shaker, and without missing a beat I asked him what he was making. The audience sort of smiled and the song continued on. To me, that kind of a moment dramatizes the kind of setting this show is played in. You can't get that playing anywhere else. Its sublime. Its music within the music. Whether you came from across the country or from Europe or Japan or from just down the street, I hope it was worth it. I know it is something that Eman and I will always cherish. Let's end it with a bang! And a boom! And a bada bing!

04/14/2011 - Mini blog: Vancouver/VanLover

Twitlongeeerrr!!!! As in mini blog: I love Vancouver. One clear day in this city and u see it's absolutely one of the most beautiful. Not just because I'm guest spotting on a great show #Psych, not just because when we drive to the set we drive by the Rogers Center that we r playing 2 nights this summer! Not because of that one day in the summer of 2007 that my wife and I sat in a restaurant by the harbor and thought of names for Griffin- that day it was Nathan :). Not just for my walk today and my run yesterday. But for all that and for the times in the future. Thank you, Vancouver. Go Canucks- until the Bruins beat you in the Stanley Cup Finals. Xo -jm

05/17/2011 - Speechless (sort of)

How many of you have no voice from the cruise? Thank Gawd we have a week before the tour so I can rest mine. I don't have the energy to go in to every detail about another amazing experience at sea- short shorts, pink tights, togas and tuxes. Broadway Joe. Jon Knight always putting an exclamation on things. D-Dub up til dawn on the Lido. JK's diabolical warp speed rapping. D Wood's b-day and Pink celebration. It will take some time to process, but safe to say, we did "go higher". Yes, we might have laid back on that last night for JUST couple minutes here and there, but we definitely finished strong. I was so so lucky to be able to do a show for you guys. It was so much fun and Rob Lewis was his normal ridiculously talented self. And what a treat to have Sasha Allen sing As Long As Your Mine from WICKED with me. I got to sing Sililoquy from Carousel- a song about a guy who just finds out that his wife is pregnant. The lyrics in that song were at time too much to convey, but it felt so good to go through it all with you. In the song, he sings about a son but then realizes it could be a girl...and then basically turns to mush and suddenly is determined to do everything he can to make sure she has all that she deserves in life. A very powerful resolution to a great song. I always wanted to sing it while I was expecting a girl, and sure enough the Big Director in the Sky set it all up for me. And then after I sang that song in the shows, I was ready to tell everyone that in deed I am going to be the daddy of a little girl. Being able to do that in front of so many revelers on the cruise was for me a perfect ending to it all. The reaction was so cool. And so now comes the waiting game. Barrett doesn't think the baby is gonna come this week and so that means I will be rushing home from the tour. Hopefully, it will be on a day off. I am not gonna miss a show. Daddy's got a job and he's blessed to have one. My little girl is gonna come when she is supposed to and I just have to roll with it. Lord knows I'm never gonna be able to control her, so why should I start out thinking I can now? oxoxox See ya on the road! -jm

11/04/2011 - Come Home for Christmas

I've always known I would record a Christmas album. These wonderful standards have a warm special place in my heart. I have enjoyed singing them on so many snowy walks through my childhood hometown of Boston and they have soothed my homesickness out in Hollywood during the holidays. I hope these renditions make you feel at home as well.

I am a blessed man- evidenced by the wonderful and talented people I get to create music with. They came to the rescue once again (as I decided to do this album in early October). But I had great faith that it would be something special. It was thrilling to make and frankly a thrill to listen to. I got to sing a song with one of my good friends and mentors, Jordan Knight. And had some fun with the powerhouse that is Mario Cantone. And finally, a song with a singer with whom I sang my first ever song on stage when I was 6 years old- my sister Carol. So special. I want to thank all the blessed artists that made this album come to life. Special thanks to Kevin Cofield who was there to help lay the foundation and Brent Paschke, who lent his Midas touch. And last but not least, ma' dude, Rob Lewis. You are so thoroughly talented with such an open heart. You give me great confidence knowing I have your support. Your talent and touch and heart is all over this record. Thank you, buddy.

And thanks to YOU. For all you have given me. I am so lucky to be able to make music and know that there is someone out there that wants to hear it. I hope you get that same warm glow from these songs that I got on those wonderful wintery walks in Boston.

Pre-orders start Nov. 7th.

Listen hear-

Happy Holidays!


11/27/2011 - 'tis the season...

...for lots of things. Lots of those things can be stressful. The idea is to balance them out with as many fun things as possible. Like making the effort to get out the Christmas ornaments early...I'm convincing myself as I write this. Maybe thinking of gifts for people early in the season- little gifts go a long way and if you start earlier, chances are the gifts you get for loved ones are more thoughtful. (What am I a Christmas guru now cuz I made a Christmas album??! Uh...well, I gotta start somewhere. That would be awesome. Just come out during the holidays and spread some cheer and then GTFO.) Thanksgiving was nice this year, but there was a bug going around my house and I was the last to get it...just in time for dinner on Thursday- wasn't that bad but I had no appetite, so I'm trying to make up for it on the left-overs. That's going pretty well so far. The Macy's Tree Lighting in Boston was really really nice. I used to go to downtown crossing in Boston with my mom all the time and especially at Christmas time (when the building that Macy's is in was Jordan Marsh, or as we would say it: Jawdin Mahsh.) So once again "the memories come floodin' back" and I feel so lucky to be back in my hometown doing what I love and sharing it with you. I was able to get my two nieces and nephew up on stage and sing Jingle Bells with me. They were great! Their dad Tommy was way more nervous than they were. We had some help from the really fun and energetic kids from The Boston Children's Chorus that I had just met. We rehearsed for about 5 minutes and they were total pros and really made the performance extra special. Then a got to see so many of you up close and personal. Thanks for coming in to see me :) And now next up is the Boston Common Tree Lighting on December 1st. That's gonna be even more fun. Hope you can make it down to the Common and if not you can see it on Channel 5 in Boston WCVB (might be somewhere on youtube?). I'm gonna be singing "Peace on Earth" with Jordan Knight and a couple more songs myself with ma dude Rob Lewis. Gonna be a great night cuz that's only the beginning. We got the "extra special Joe Show". I wish I picked a bigger spot cuz I keep getting asked about how to get tix, but I guess that's what makes it extra extra special. There may be a few more that I can dig up :) And then from there, I go back to LA for the "New Year's Eve" premiere on Dec 5th and then back to NYC for the taping of The View (airs Dec 23rd) and the NYC intimate/free/secret/Joe Show and more fun stuff that I'm thinking of. Can't wait to chill for a bit in the Big Apple during the holidays. OH! And I almost forgot my Christmas Album is on itunes this Tuesday 11/29!!! Let's have some fun. 'Tis the season, baby!!

12/24/2011 - Merry Christmas

Listening to my all time favorite Christmas album- Acoustic Christmas by "Various Artists"- so good and brings back so many Christmas memories of Old Green Hill, my house just outside of Boston I lived in for most of my very young adult life. Whoa, there were some good moments in that old shack, but some scary ones too. But Christmases there were always meaningful. Some blue and wintery and others like a wonderland. I would listen to that album on repeat and decorate the tree or trees in my house- it was a bit of a rambling house. But now I'm in LA- a world apart in so many ways...especially at Christmas. The last few days Griffin has been saying "I wanna go to Boston for Christmas." A big part of me loves hearing him say that. I used to be homesick at this time of year, but now this is where my own special family is. Maybe we'll get back for a few Christmases in years to come, but for now we're are just fine in LA. We have family and friends here- the holidays are maybe a little simpler but there's nothing wrong with that. They are no less exhausting however with three kids. So I'm gonna sign off because we have to get ready for Santa! I wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas. Thank you so much for helping make my life full of so many wonderful gifts. Merry Christmas, everybody! xoxo-jm

03/26/2012 - My mom may not know who I am...

But she does a pretty good job of making me feel like she does. I believe she knows there is a connection. She keeps it very simple when she talks to me. Partly I think because she knows that she can't quite remember but is still witty enough to know that she doesn't want to make it any more confusing than it already is for her. I think she is past the most scary part- realizing she is "losing her mind". She knew something was happening. And at first I thought it was just my mom being dramatic. But looking back a few years, her behavior was strange. And soon it was clear that she was slipping away. That mostly showed up in her feeling scared and not wanting to be alone. I remember in the fall of 2008, she said something very profound and sadly poetic. She said, "me and the night don't get along." I thought that was quite a lyric. My mother was as witty as they come. She wrote tons of poems and parodies of songs. Mostly for co-workers leaving for another job or for cast-mates at the end of a show she was in. Or for my sisters' bosses or workmates. She would whip something up in an evening. She could do it all. Of course she had and raised 9 kids so that says it all. And I don't want to keep saying WAS because she still IS. She still has here one-liners. She is still sweet and very interested in what you are saying. When I saw her last December at my sister Carol's Christmas show at the fabled Footlight Club, she was so into the show. I enjoyed watching her as much as watching the show. If you didn't know she had Alzheimer's, you wouldn't think it. She was very in the moment- happy to see my father introduce my sister, but also zinging him saying to herself, "he's awful". And watching each song- liking some and loving others. But a few minutes after, I asked if she liked the show, and she answered, "what show, dear?" That kind of sums up where she is right now. I am no expert and I am 3000 miles away, but she is doing ok for someone at her stage of this disease. My mother was a force and could do so many things. Now she is very slow. But through all this there is a bitter sweetness. I hear story from my siblings- how sweet she is and the simple loving words she says to them. And that is true. There is still a person in there. And she is alive and still working it out. I think she still knows that she has some kind of disease, but she has moments of peace. Hopefully, with more funding and the hard work of all involved, we can find a cure so that Alzheimer's will not affect generations to come. This disease affects the whole family. My mother is so fortunate to have the care she has, but so many are not as lucky. I will be running the Hollywood Half Marathon on April 7, 2012 in her on honor and all those affected by Alzheimer's and to raise awareness and funds for If you can, please donate to my page at

Thank you for always supporting me in anyway you can- in your thoughts and prayers and deeds. xo-jm

07/13/2012 - Been a long time, been a long time, been a ...

Around the world for sure. I don't have the energy to tell you about each amazing city we played to on our 2 and a half month tour this spring/summer 2012, but it was blissful. I tweeted about me buying a bike in Liverpool and riding it all over Europe. Best 75 pounds I ever spent in my life. What a way to get around. The Uk and Europe are very bike friendly. To be able to dash from the hotel at a moments notice or glide away from yet another arena and literally see the world was just so tickle-my-fancy-thrilling. (Yes, I have to go there to "get the picture"). I have travelled a lot but I'd never seen Geneva...never mind Lake Geneva like this. Just spectacular. And I've always loved Hamburg, Germany but I never saw it up close and so personal. All handed to me on a bike. We are just so bless. Everyday with the New Kids is really such a celebration. Sure after 2 and a half months together, we were ready for a break. But I felt a new sense of pride for us after finishing up this tour. We ended (for now) the special collaboration of NKOTBSB. Something so sweet a surprise, we left each other wholeheartedly open to doing it again, if its meant to be. Those guys are our cousins now. We wish them the very best. The laughs were many. Memories that are just too much to really articulate in a couple of sentences, when asked "how was it?" Australia had waited for us for far too long, but it was worth it. For all of us. Gosh, Oz really lives up to the hype- and in such a laid back, confident, gracious way. My whole fam came over, which made it even more special (and broke up the tour and being away from them for too long). We had a blast. And the people are such class people. Then off to Jakarta and the Philippines. We felt so taken care of there and so welcome and appreciated. It really floors you to hear a country, a people, half way across the world sing your songs louder than you've ever heard. I went right back to the Knights basement as a kid and thought, 'wow, a bunch of kids from Boston, and then all this..." We said goodbye to The Boys and went right to the cruise- WHICH NEEDS IT OWN BLOG. Holy frickin' crap (is putting it lightly). How do they keep getting better??!! The love on that boat this year could have conquered the world! And it did! Getting off that boat after 4 amazing, life changing days, takes a lot of decompression (and depression), getting back to the (not so) real world. Next year can't come soon enough. And then the 5 brothers ended a whirlwind tour in South America. And again we were so taken care of by these great countries. Peru, Chile, Brazil, Argentina and Mexico!!! Gracias, gracias, gracias!!! It was a little strange at first to be doing shows again with just us 5, but it made it fresh and exciting to do it again on our own. Bottom line is we are so blessed to do what we do and we strive to keep it as special as it ever was. And we feel the same kind of energy from all of you. To think after all these years, we are thinking, "I wonder what amazing thing is gonna happen next." The balance we have between ourselves and our fans and how we want to keep surprising, keep reaching, keep exploring, willing to go places that we haven't gone is becoming zen-like... Wax on, wax off, baby. xoxo -jm

11/26/2012 - 'Tis the season

Well, I guess this is my bi-annual blog.

What else can I say but "I've been busy".

To know me on the web (or the lack there of), is to love me

with great understanding and low expectation. But let me tell ya,

if ya bumped into me on the street, we'd be whooping it up!

I'm old fashioned like that.

K- enough of my apologies.

I am well. Working away on the nkotb album-

very exciting. Always surprised at what we come up with.

I shouldn't be after 25 years but I'm grateful none the less.

On the solo side, I am neck deep in my One Man Show.

A lot of work and dedication. I am willing to follow the truth

wherever it may lead. This ain't no cabaret.

I'm blessed with an amazing writer and a wonderful director,

whom i think you'll will be hearing more about as we go.

This show feels like an opportunity to do all the things I've never

done before- and 90% of that is internal.

And hopefully for the audience that will translate externally.

Been doing some cool acting gigs as well.

The movie "The Heat" will be coming out early spring

and they say it is as funny on film as it was making it.

What an awesome gig that was.

I'll keep you posted on all these things.

In the meantime, I threw together a little Christmas bundle for ya.

"A bahgain" as my mother would say.

A little kitsch- the socks and ornament.

And 3 albums CDs I am very proud of-

Talk to Me: the standards, Here We Go Again: fire from beginning to end,

and Come Home for Christmas: so blessed to have collab'd

with so many great artists to create a Christmas album

 of your holiday play list- I'm biased, but that shiz is lovely!

02/09/2013 - BLoGston Marathon

Saturday, January 1, 2022

NKOTB on the American Music Awards with Jennifer Lopez

Most NKOTB fans are already aware that Jennifer Lopez was a backup dancer in the New Kids 1991 American Music Awards performance. This was brought up in a recent interview she did on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Here is a video of their performance! 

Youtube video courtesy of kdion77