Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Jordan Knight was in an unreleased TV show pilot; plus a look back at his history of being a talent show judge

I saw this post on Instagram the other day talking about about a TV pilot that Jordan Knight filmed back somewhere around 2005 that was never released. It was called "It Is What It Is". According to bluazur_official on Instagram, it was a music show similar to "American Idol" except with more "everyday people" that didn't necessarily have the vocal talent.

Did you know Jordan was also a judge in a couple episodes of a spin-off of "American Idol" called "American Juniors"?  It was basically an "American Idol" version with kids. I was hoping to find a clip on Youtube, but I couldn't find one. He was on that show around 2003.

Jordan held his own talent competition back in 2009 called "Jordan Idol":

But probably his best known TV talent show appearance was when he appeared on the Canadian Show "Cover Me Canada" in 2011. Here are some clips of Jordan's parts courtesy of yikes 77:

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